And we grew out of our space in six weeks!

Just as I was wringing my hands about the lack of space, and the fact that construction was going on behind us on 3000 condos, leaving a steady accumulation of dust and dirt on the shelves where my precious fabrics were destined to live (and learning that demolition/construction was about to begin on the back side of the building right by my door and adorable bird feeder,) Matt and I drove by the old Miele Vacuum store and saw:  it was gone! 

I called about it that day and found that I could manage the increase in rent, though it really needed some work, as you can see.  But the setting was perfect:  on Route One right between Madison and Guilford, right next to the very popular Old Schoolhouse Deli next door  (FOOD!!) and East River Package Store (BEER!)  What else would I need?  Well, enthusiastic customers who would feel at home in the space.  So I got to work.

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