Altering a Pattern: Intermediate Garment Sewing


When: 4 Sessions on consecutive Wednesdays from 11 to 2PM, Starting November 8th.

Class will be skipped on Wednesday, November 22nd to accommodate Thanksgiving travel.

Fee: $120 + supplies.

Prerequisites: Intermediate garment sewing experience.

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Have you ever found that a commercial garment pattern fails to fit you properly? Is the bust too small, or the waist too large? Are you in between sizes? Then this class is for you!

In Altering a Pattern, you’ll learn how to adjust a clothing pattern to best fit you.  We’ll all start with a fitted, woven dress pattern and work together to make it fit you perfectly.  In the first 3 classes, you’ll learn about several alterations you may need to fit your test garment accordingly.  Once your garment fits well, we’ll discuss how you can make alterations to change the style of the pattern while keeping the fit.

Main Objectives:

  • Learn to choose a pattern size to start with based upon your body measurements.
  • Make a muslin & evaluate it for alterations needed.
  • Perform a full bust adjustment on a flat pattern piece.
  • Lengthen and shorten pattern pieces to fit your height.
  • Slash & spread pattern pieces to adjust the fit of a pattern around your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.
  • Work with a partner to fit one another’s your muslins by pinning, marking, and cutting the muslin as needed.
  • Turning a perfectly fitting muslin into a new flat pattern.
  • Using your new, well fitted pattern as a base for other patterns with stylistic alterations.

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