Intro to Improv Quilting Workshop


Schedule: Sunday, April 14th, 1 to 5 PM
Instructor: Cate
Ages: 16+
Fee: $65 + materials.
Prerequisite: Basic quilting experience.  If you can sew a 1/4″ seam. you’re ready for this workshop.

Class Description:

This workshop is a playful introduction to the world of  improvisational quilting.   So if you want to expand your design chops while building trust in your creative abilities, this is a great workshop to take.

We will be working in a round robin format to keep things simple and low-pressure.  Experiment with ‘planned randomness’, limits on what colors or shapes you can use, looking for patterns in the world around you, and other ways of forcing you to think outside the box/block.  We will use solids and blenders so that there are no prints to carry the weight or distract from pure design elements.  You will come away thinking completely differently about what piece-work is all about. 

Space is limited.