Tamarack Jacket

April 30, 2023 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Tamarack Jacket Workshop


The Tamarack Jacket is both versatile and lightweight. It can be worn on its own or layered during cooler weather. Once you’ve made one, you’re sure to make another!

Before Coming to Class:

  • Purchase your fabric. Please do not wait until the day of to purchase fabric! Please also ensure if you’re using fabric from your stash that you have the required yardage.
  • Trace your pattern on tracing material with all the markings and cut it out. (This is taught in Garments 101)
  • **Pre-wash your fabric**
    • If your fabric looks prone to fraying, zig zag stitch the cut edge before washing.
    • You want to make sure your fabric does all of it’s shrinking before sewing it into a garment so you don’t get weird pulling after your first wash. Use your best judgment, but generally you want to put it through a tough wash and dry cycle prior to sewing, and then care for it delicately post sewing.
    • Use a Color Catcher if you’re concerned about colors bleeding and running.
    • At the very least pre-wash your fabric as you’ll be washing it after it becomes a garment.
    • Take it out after drying immediately, block, iron, and roll so your fabric is wrinkle free and prepped for class
  • Don’t forget to pack a lunch or bring some cash for food!

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