Sew House Seven Remy Raglan Top


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As the weather heats up, the layers are coming off! The Remy Raglan is a perfect warmer weather staple – you’ll breeze through the heat looking effortlessly chic. This timeless pattern offers 4 different versions, a simple way to add easy variation to your wardrobe. 

Date and Time: Sunday June 26th from 9 AM – 5 PM

Length of Class: 8 Hours

Ages: 16+

Prerequisites: Proficient sewing skills and familiarity with sewing machine required. Comfortable sewing straight and curved lines. It is required that you take a Garments 101 prior to this class for guidance on proper garment sewing prep unless given prior exception by Cate.

What You’ll Learn: French Seams, Bias Neck Facing, Understitching

What You’ll Need:

  • Sew House Seven Remy Raglan Top pattern
  • Tracing material
  • A light-weight woven fabric: Linen, linen blends, and double-cotton gauze work well for this pattern. 
  • Matching thread
  • One button (approx. 20mm) if sewing version #2
  • Marking chalk or disappearing ink pen

Before Coming to Class: 

  • Decide which version of this garment you will be sewing.
  • Find your size using the provided size chart. 
  • Purchase your fabric. Please do not wait until the day of to purchase fabric! Please also ensure if you’re using fabric from your stash that you have the required yardage.
  • Trace your pattern on tracing material with all the markings and cut it out. (This is taught in Garments 101)
  • **Pre-wash your fabric**
    • If your fabric looks prone to fraying, zig zag stitch the cut edge before washing.
    • You want to make sure your fabric does all of it’s shrinking before sewing it into a garment so you don’t get weird pulling after your first wash. Use your best judgment, but generally you want to put it through a tough wash and dry cycle prior to sewing, and then care for it delicately post sewing. 
    • Use a Color Catcher if you’re concerned about colors bleeding and running.
    • At the very least pre-wash your fabric as you’ll be washing it after it becomes a garment. 
    • Take it out after drying immediately, block, iron, and roll so your fabric is wrinkle free and prepped for class
  • Don’t forget to pack a lunch or bring some cash for food!

Instructor: Allison Nishi



Please call the shop at (203) 421-6853 during business hours if you have any questions.

Don’t forget you get 15% off all the supplies purchased from Cate’s Sew Modern for your class!


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