The terms and conditions below apply to all classes, workshops, and events at Cate’s Sew Modern.

Machine Rentals & Prerequisite Experience:
Eversewn Sparrow 15 (mechanical) sewing machine rentals are $5/class session and must be reserved in advance.  If you wish to rent a machine from us without taking a class, you must first take a private “Meet Your Maker” class to demonstrate proper usage.  If you wish to rent a higher-end demo from Eversewn, the cost will be $10.

If you are a beginner or a student who does not know how to properly thread and operate a sewing machine, you are required to take a private “Meet Your Maker” lesson before taking a class to ensure you can independently thread and operate your sewing machine during class.  These classes are discounted to $35 from $66, which we charge hourly for a private lesson.

Class and Workshop Cancellations:
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule workshops and classes for any reason. Full refunds will be given for the class fee and any machine reservations should this happen. If you need to withdraw from a class, please call the store at least 1 week prior to the beginning of class.  Class withdrawals occurring less than 1 week prior to class cannot be refunded.  

Special Event Cancellations:
In cases where we have hired major teachers to travel and teach retreats and workshops, your fee is non-refundable unless we have a waiting list or you can find a replacement.

Class Make-Ups:
There are no class makeups unless it is School of Sewing, or another multi-week session of six or more weeks.  In this case, students who miss one or more classes are eligible to receive ONE make-up lesson per course so long as the course is 4 weeks long or more. Summer camps and kids afterschool programs are not eligible for make-up lessons without prior consent from Cate’s Sew Modern.  We reserve the right to schedule makeups around our normal schedule and combine makeup lessons when possible.

Waiver Requirement:
Sewing classes require attentiveness and care, regardless of experience.  You need to know how to safely operate an iron, work with razor-sharp rotary blades and generally protect yourelf — and others —  by not leaving blades unsheathed, irons facing so they can scorch, and needles/seam-rippers and pins must be stopped before they can impale.  By checking this box that you agree, you are relinquishing your right to sue us or anyone else for accidents that occur in our sewing workroom or on our property.

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