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Welcome to Cate’s Sew Modern!

What Do You Need to Know During This Time of Increasingly Contagious COVID?

  • Cate’s Sew Modern is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Tuesday through Saturday.
  • We have HEPA air filtration in the shop that recycles all air every 15″, but limit capacity in the store at any time to three visitors.
  • Appointments will give you priority; we can plan for your visit.
  • Please wear a mask, and immediately proceed to our kitchen sink to wash your hands thoroughly–no gloves nor hand sanitizers.
  • Masks must cover both your mouth and nose at all times. Please, no face shields, or masks with vents in them.
  • Neither hand sanitizer nor gloves are an acceptable alternative to hand washing.
  • Local customers who wish to avoid public areas can continue to shop with curbside pickup using our Etsy site link. Simply insert the promo code CURBSIDE at checkout to avoid shipping charges. Don’t worry, we will refund your shipping if you forget!
  • For safety reasons, any sales that we may hold during the pandemic will be on Etsy only. This helps us avoid attracting a rush of people to the physical store itself.

Thank you for your cooperation so we can all stay safe, and you can browse to your heart’s delight!

Best wishes,
The Cate’s Sew Modern Team

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What will you make today?

Cate’s Sew Modern opened its brick & mortar doors October, 2016, in order to bring together all manner of folks who want to revive the art of sewing.  Whether your interests lay in the area of quilting, clothing, light home decor, totes/wallets, art/embellishment, dyeing/adulteration or slow stitching — and no matter what your age or skill level — we have you covered. We’ve got warmly-delivered expertise, frequent and varied classes coming back this summer, patterns researched carefully by drafters and designers from around the world, and the goods — oh, the goods!   

Goods being the fabric, of course:  Cate’s Sew Modern dynamically curates a selection of over 3,000 bolts of unusual, exciting, and hard-to-find fabrics printed or woven in a variety of substrates, just waiting for you to discover them!  These fabrics are created by many artists based in the US, but many others originate in Japan, Europe and Australia/NZ.  

Our scheduled classes cover the many techniques of garment sewing, quilt-making, and just about any project you can imagine sewing.   Further, our kids’ classes are emblematic of our vision for all: a focus on creativity and imagination first and foremost — a safe space for exploration and discovery.

We can’t wait to meet you.  And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive information of new arrivals, specials, contests and events!


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