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Cate’s Sew Modern opened its brick & mortar doors October, 2016, in order to bring together all manner of folks who want to revive the art of sewing.  Whether your interests lay in the area of quilting, clothing, light home decor, totes/wallets, art/embellishment, or slow stitching — and no matter what your age or skill level — we have you covered. We’ve got warmly-delivered expertise, frequent and varied classes, patterns researched carefully by drafters and designers from around the world, and the goods — oh, the goods!   

Goods being the fabric, of course:  Cate’s Sew Modern dynamically curates a selection of thousands of bolts of unusual, exciting, and hard-to-find fabrics printed or woven in a variety of substrates, just waiting for you to discover them!  These fabrics are created by artists from around the world.

All experiences at Cate’s are about community building. Stop on by, come sew, come learn, come make friends and find your peeps.

We can’t wait to see you!


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